21 Days in Indonesia – BEST places in Lombok for one day trip.

After going down from Mount Rinjani, we headed straight to Senggigi, about two hours drive from Senaru Village – the foot of Mount.Rinjani.

6pm: seeing the sight of the city made us feel extremely exalted. The hotel we booked was inside an alley in the heart of Senggigi with the wall paint that couldn’t be anymore noticeable – pink.

“Are you sure this is the right hotel Kelin?”

“I think this is the right one, just look a bit strange.”

But it was fine afterwards upon checking in our room and got ourselves settled. It took both of us about 1 and a half hour just to clean up PARTIALLY the volcanic ashes on our bodies. Big blisters, numb toe nails, bleeding wounds…we pointed them to each other and sarcastically laughing at ourselves to rate whose were more disgusting. We are disgusting at ourselves too. Hahahaha

As hungry as ghosts, we went straight to a nice restaurant – the Square – located just right down the street. We thought we had had enough of Nasi Goreng  and Indomie, Western foods were definitely the menu for the night.

Image taken from Instagram account: @square_restaurant 

The dining experience was nothing but went beyond our expectation from service to food quality. Markus thought he had had the best ribeyes steak and for me, the best softshell crabs salad and fish platter of salmon and seabass. Although it was a bit pricey as it was one of top 3 fine dining restaurants in Lombok, certainly we were deserved it after the strenuous hike from 1:45 am to 3pm in the same day – total cost: 962,000 IDR for two people with 2 appetizers, 2 main courses and 2 drinks. (The wheat beer was really good)

Going back to the hotel with the excitement for the following day at Senggigi, we had already marked down where we would want to go. But first, a long and deep night sleep is the best therapy for our exhausting souls.


Waking up with my heavy legs barely movable across the bed, I knew it would be a dramatic scene to witness when I start to walk. “Goddarn it! This is worst than running a half-marathon”” – I mumbled taking the first step to the bathroom.

Luckily most of the places we wanted to visit were easily accessible by motorbikes, we already felt so sore and hurt walking a few meters from our room to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, we took a sloooow walk to the beach since it locates right across the street. Comparing to other beach cities that we went in Bali, Senggigi is quieter with long coastal line, gentler current, given the grayish sand color as a hallmark for island created by volcanic eruption. Also, we felt like the area lacks of an X factor needed to become popular tourist attraction like Kuta, Semiyak. 

Renting a scooter in Senggigi was easy. There were so many motor shops and walking saleman offering the service. After the few bargains, we got one for 60,000 IDR. Pretty cheap.

First stop: Banyumulek-Pottery Village.

About 2hours riding from Senggigi along the coastal line and into the suburban areas, we found Banyumulek village stretching along the road called the same name. In contrast to our imagination, the village was not lively and full of tourists but empty street and occasionally, kids and woman waved to us when we rode by.

Riding into the road, the decorations at entrance of all the houses are pottery products: a big red brownish vase or a tube. Nearly to the end of the street where it turned into another small alley, we were shouted at by some guys, we did not know what they were trying to tell us. We didn’t explore further but stopped at a few stores to check out the products. These were really beautiful and carefully handcrafted.

Markus bought two tea light candles holders for 50,000 IDR. He was really happy with the good bargain.

Tips: If you are hunting for unique pottery products, here might not be the place since all the pieces are standardized. However, in comparison to other places, we thought here would be the cheapest. With bargain, of course. Price range from 20,000 – 100,000IDR for small to medium items. 

After spending about 1 hour at the village, we headed to the next one: Sukarara Weaving Village.

With another 1 hour on the scooter, we soon reached the weaving village. Unlike the previous one, this is more lively with a big sign “Welcome to Sukarara – traditional weaving village” at the turning point to the small road leading to the area. Again, there were no tourist except us two riding the along the road looking left and right. Many houses have a set of looms put in front for tourists or visitors to come and try weaving experience. I did. And boys, it was not easy.

Me was trying to hold my surprise at the length of time it would take to product one piece of fabric – 1 month. 

Being craftsmanship products lovers, me and Markus were eager to pick something unique to bring home. I bought a scarf: 100,000 IDR and for Markus, a headband: 50, 000IDR. We could have probably bought them cheaper somewhere in the market near to our hotel but we were happy to see how it was made, we paid for the craftsmanship and the experience.

Having visited two villages, we were not only impressed at the differences in term of religion, culture, customs between Lombok and Bali (eventhough they are just a few hours of boat ride away) but also the similarities regarding friendliness, warmth and welcoming of the folks upon our visit.

Kuta – Koeta Beach: Where the travellers are. 

At 2pm we were caught by the shower rain while riding towards the South of Lombok, we had been riding for almost 30km then. Looking at the map, we were tempted to discover the beach at the south since its name hinting something similar to Kuta Beach in Bali; to us, which was beautiful.

Koeta Beach locates 67km from Senggigi and the most beautiful bay in Kuta area signified by large rugged promontories eroded deeply into the coast. The current is slightly stronger than where we came from which is extremely in favor for the surfers, backpackers. 

We spent about 3 hours here walking at the beach and having woodfired pizza for lunch. I didn’t remember where we went but it was one of the restaurants right down the parking area by the beach. The meal costed less than 200,000 IDR for two and it was so finger’s licking good.

We wished we could have spent more time here but since we wanted to watch the sunset at the bay near to Senggigi, we rushed to go back. Not quite as our expectation, the sunset was gloomy and sad with dark clouds and strong current. We reluctantly watched the sunset but spent 30 minutes drinking coffee and tea analyzing whether we should spend another day in Lombok or going to somewhere else. Our excitement about Lombok has decreased significantly with the traffic condition (it’s dangerous to ride here, cars and motorbikes just cut each other on the street), the gloomy weather and the lack of nightlife.

8pm: We came back to our room after dinner at the hotel restaurant which caused Markus foods poisoning immediately after that. I was so mad at this incident that I wasn’t hesitate at all but left a 5.8/10 negative review on booking.com – reader can read my throughout review at this hotel here , yet received no apology at all or whatsoever from this hotel.

With the determination to leave Lombok the next day, we booked our accommodation for 2 days at Gili Trawangan – which we were ad viced by Claudia – our host in Gili Meno that it would not a good idea to go there.

See it to believe it! Was Gili Trawangan worth it?

Until then, stay tune to our next post: 21 Days in Indonesia:  Gili Trawangan – The BEST ISLAND in BALI area yet?

Kelin & Markus.

List of the places we went:

  • Hotel: Lombok Senggigi Hotel, Lombok: Jl. Arjuna No.1, 83355 Senggigi , Indonesia
  • Restaurant: Square Restaurant, Senggigi:  St. no. 10Senggigi, Lombok 83355, Indonesia
  • Restaurant: Woodfired Pizza Warung, Kuta, Lombok.
  • Attraction: Banyumulek Pottery Village
  • Attraction: Sukarara Weaving Village, Lombok


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